Multi-Head Split System

by admin

‘Multi-head’ refers to the system of making multiple split indoor systems operating from a single outdoor unit in a household. Every indoor unit heats and cools its respective room(s), while the multiple indoor units are run by the outside unit (usually mounted at the side or back of the house).

When there is little capacity for multiple outdoor units, multi-head air conditioners are suitable. Multi-Head Systems also allow the air conditioning in each room to be independently operated. As each room can be set to your ideal temperature, this optimizes comfort levels. Multi-Head Systems will also mean lowering the energy costs so the rooms in operation can only heat and cool.

How many rooms need heating and cooling would rely on the multi-head system you chose. The single outdoor split device unit will attach up to 9 indoor units. We have a wide selection of the latest labels to pick from at KiteAirConditioning.

For every indoor unit, conventional Split Systems have a corresponding outdoor unit; considering that every household has several spaces, it will take up a lot of space and power usage to have an outdoor unit for each indoor unit, which is where a Multi-Head system comes in.

With a Multi-Head device, you can attach 2 or more indoor units to 1 outdoor unit, saving you precious space and potential maintenance costs.

The same hardware as traditional Split Systems is used for Multi-Head Split Systems. They operate by making half the device outside the home (called a condenser), and the other half inside the home (called the fan coil, or internal unit).

The warm air from inside the room is drawn in and expelled by the fan coil while cooling, resulting in cold air recirculating back into the building. The heat pump will operate in reverse during the reverse cycle in order to provide warmth during cold days.

Mitsubishi Electric is among our recommended brands for Multi-Head Split Systems. The annual operating expense will be estimated at $702.90. for a Mitsubishi Electric MXZ Series 7.1KW System built in 2x small bedrooms and 1x lounge room providing intermittent heating & cooling during the winter and summer months.

Lowering the operating costs doesn’t take long. Based on the model you buy, how much you will save annually can be determined by the accompanying star ranking. However, it can also help to look at the initial expense as to how you employ your Multi-Head Split System.

For cooling loads of separate spaces, Multi-Head Split Systems are an economical option. Multi-head air conditioners are relatively easy to install, and the construction or construction project can be combined with the installation process. In their own space, building occupants can change the heating / cooling. For big houses, office buildings, and multi-residential premises, it is an excellent option.

You are not limited to only wall mounted indoor units when using a Multi-Head Split System, you can literally select from a wide variety of different indoor units.

Multi-Head Split Systems can only be marketed and built by skilled air conditioning firms, unlike single Split Systems that can be sold and installed by almost every air conditioning firm, it’s not really anything that can be sold and installed by major department stores. We have carried out thousands of Multi-Head air conditioning installations with over 150,000 heating and cooling installations completed; combined with our expertise and selection, you won’t find a better solution somewhere else.

At affordable costs, we manufacture and install a large variety of various multi-head air conditioners. To help you determine which framework will better fit your house, we’ll listen to your thoughts, needs and budget constraints. At a reasonable cost, our experienced staff will even restore and maintain the current device.